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At Crown City Green, one of New York’s first sustainable, indoor hemp farms, quality is our top priority. We measure quality along each step of our organic cultivating process and are happy to provide all test results, including pesticide and heavy metal. Choose Crown City Green for your wholesale CBD and CBG needs to provide your customers with top of the line hemp flower.

Pink Panther

Pink Panther gives off an aroma that is as sweet and fruity as its color. The smell is strikingly a fruity scent of pear, mango, and berries with a pine aroma, too. Many liken its scent to candy. The most dominant terpenes in this CBD dominate strain are Myrcene, Camphene, Terpineol and Phellandrene. The most common “first hit” is almost always felt in between the eyes and the effects slowly trickle down the rest of the body.

Crown City Green Reviews


This is by far the best hemp/CBD flower I've smoked to date. The terpene profile and bud structure resembles quality indoor MJ buds and it's really great to see companies embracing quality over everything! YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS FOR YOURSELF!

on Pink Panther via flowerz

Easily the best CBD flower I’ve tried so far. Other vendors claim they have a quality indoor flower, but it's garbage smalls or outdoor schwag from 2 years ago. This flower is legit, they help me so much. Thank you

on Mountain Mango via flowerz

This is some very nice flower with a smooth taste and really phenomenal effects.

on Pink Panther via flowerz

I wasn't expecting such a quality flower until it arrived and I got my hands on it. The packaging and attention to detail (humidity packs/tamper seal) set this flower apart from any other CBD flower that I've come across. The nose, taste, and effect all have me BURNING through this during the day!

on Pink Panther via flowerz

Very well done flower with solid effects and the quality you would expect... Very happy with my orders and will be making many more.

on Pink Panther via flowerz

The CCG Promise

The green you buy from us is pure and sustainable. Our indoor cultivation process challenges industry norms by eliminating contaminated soil, wastewater, and the many other environmental implications of commercial-scale hemp cultivation.

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