5 Reasons Why Indoor CBD Flower is the Best Smokeable Option

CBD flower is the non-psychoactive cousin of THC-containing cannabis and is derived from the hemp plant. CBD flower can be smoked or vaped and is a popular choice for those looking for the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive high. Indoor CBD flower is the highest quality CBD flower available on the market and offers numerous benefits over other types of CBD flower. Here are 5 reasons why indoor CBD flower is the best smokeable option:

Improved Potency and Flavor

Indoor growing operations can control all aspects of the growing process, from the type of soil to the amount of water and light exposure, resulting in a more potent and flavorful product. Outdoor growers are at the mercy of weather conditions, which can impact both potency and flavor.

A More Consistent Product

Because indoor growers can control all aspects of the growing process, they are able to produce a more consistent product. This is important for those who rely on top shelf indoor CBD flower for the success of their smoke shop or dispensary.

Higher Quality Trimmed Flowers

Another benefit of indoor grown CBD flowers is that they tend to be trimmed more carefully than those grown outdoors. At Crown City Green, our flowers are hand trimmed with care. This results in higher quality flowers with fewer stems and leaves, which makes for a better smoking experience.

No Pesticides or Harmful Chemicals

Since indoor growers have complete control over their environment, they are able to avoid using pesticides and other chemicals, which can often be found in outdoor grown hemp flowers. You have to check with the indoor grower for exact practices, but Crown City Green has committed to never use any pesticides or harmful chemicals in any step of the growing process

Overall Prettier Buds

Indoor growers can also control temperature and humidity levels, resulting in prettier buds. Outdoor flowers are often less aesthetically pleasing due to inconsistencies in growing conditions. Sapphire Kush is an indoor CBD flower that shines with deep purple hues. Turbo Diesel indoor CBD flower has beautiful, vibrant greens. 

Smoking indoor grown CBD flower offers numerous advantages over other types of hemp flower, including improved potency and flavor, a more consistent product, higher quality trimmed flowers, fewer pesticides and chemicals, and overall prettier buds. If you are looking for the highest quality smokeable hemp product on the market, look no further than our indoor grown CBD flower! Send an email to sales@crowncitygreen.com for wholesale pricing and options.