Indoor Grown CBD Hemp Flower is the Best to Stock in Smoke Shops

You may be wondering why indoor grown CBD hemp flower is the best to stock in smoke shops. After all, there are plenty of options out there, some being cheaper outdoor options. However, indoor grown CBD hemp flower has a few key advantages that make it the best choice for smoke shops. Let's take a look at a few of those advantages now.


One of the biggest advantages of indoor grown CBD hemp flower is convenience. When hemp is grown indoors, it means that there is complete control over the environment 365 days a year. This means that we can ensure that plants always have access to the water, light, and nutrients they need to thrive. Growing hemp outdoors can be more challenging because you have to deal with the elements. Indoor growing gives you much more control and our hydroponic operation used 95 percent less water than traditional farming methods.


Indoor grown CBD hemp flower can also be of higher quality than outdoor grown hemp. Indoor CBD has carefully monitored conditions under which it grows. This allows us to cultivate the perfect environment for plants so they can produce the highest quality CBD bud possible. Outdoor growing conditions can be more difficult to control, which can impact the quality of your final product. We also never use pesticides or harmful chemicals in our processes, which is typically required for outdoor grows.


Another important factor to consider is potency. Indoor grown CBD hemp flower is typically more potent than outdoor grown hemp because of the controlled environment in which it grows. When plants are exposed to stressors like pests or bad weather, their Cannabinoid levels tend to decrease. This means that they are not as effective medicinally. Indoor growing conditions allow you to avoid these stressors, resulting in a more potent product.

Smoke shops should stock indoor grown CBD hemp flower because it is more convenient, higher quality, and more potent than other options. These are high selling points for consumers. Indoor growing gives us complete control over the environment, allowing us to produce a superior product. When looking for CBD hemp flower to stock in your store, be sure to ask if it was grown indoors. Check out Crown City Green indoor CBD flower here.