Reserve space in our indoor, sustainable hemp growing program

Last Fall, Crown City Green harvested around 200 pounds of hemp flower (check out the strains here). We are now looking to partner with an established company that would like to secure growing rights in our sustainable aquaponic facility.

CCGrowing Program

As we are familiar with the various nuances that differ from business to business, including quotas, seasons, percentage of crop, volume, testing, etc., we are happy to work alongside you to create a custom program suited to your needs.

Don’t need the strains we grow? We take a personal approach to all of our partners in the program. By understanding your needs, we are able to source strains that meet your criteria. Let our trusted farmers take the stress off of you by planting, growing, harvesting, and drying strains that we carry or that you provide.

With changing consumer preferences, it is time to take control over what is put in your products. Contact us to join our CCGrowing Program. Limited availability.*

To contact us, click here.

*Our application for USDA Certified Organic is pending