Order CBD and CBG from our sustainable, indoor aquaponic hemp farm

We have harvested close to 200 pounds of USDA organic, aquaponically grown Cannabigerol (CBG) flower. The strains we chose to grow last cycle was White CBG. Learn more about our White CBG strain:

White CBG

White CBG has increased terpene and resin production. It has a varied, but strong terpene profile. It is 99.97% feminized and is our highest CBG producing strain.

White CBG Analysis*

Sales for our CBG White harvest are available. We are USDA Organic certified. If you are interested in scheduling a visit, starting a qualification process, or have general ordering questions, contact us.

For information on availability in our 2021 CCGrowing Program. Learn more here.

*For full COA’s please visit our Hemp section.