Turbo Diesel CBD Flower

Turbo Diesel CBD Flower

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  • High purity hemp
  • Compliant THC levels
  • Responsibly grown indoors
  • Heavy metal and pesticide free

Strain Highlight: Turbo Diesel

Turbo Diesel is a CBD dominate strain. Its genetics are a cross between Gas Station Gouda x RKD. This unique CBD flower has high terpene content and can be described as having a Diesel/Cheese Profile. Its chemotype is type III CBD and is total THC compliant.

Do you have wholesale options?

Yes! Please email sales@crowncitygreen.com with the strain you are interested in and your desired quantity. Our sales team will provide you with wholesale pricing and options.

I am a tax exempt reseller, what do I need to do to not pay taxes?

We welcome resellers and are happy to verify your tax exempt status. Please send your reseller certificate to sales@crowncitygreen.com and we will update your account status. Once you are verified, you will be able to continue the checkout process without taxes.

How can I purchase more than 1 pound?

If you are interested in purchasing more than one pound or in bulk, please contact our sales team at sales@crowncitygreen.com with your preferred strain and amount needed.

Do you offer hemp samples?

While we do not have samples for purchase, you can reach out to our sales team to request a sample. Samples are not guaranteed, but can be requested.

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CCG Reviews


This is by far the best hemp/CBD flower I've smoked to date. The terpene profile and bud structure resembles quality indoor MJ buds and it's really great to see companies embracing quality over everything! YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS FOR YOURSELF!

on Pink Panther via flowerz

Mountain Mango is fireeeee! I mix this with my high THC flower and the terps on this flower make the blend soooo good!

on Mountain Mango via flowerz

The best CBD flower I’ve tried yet. High quality & great effects for my anxiety!

on Pink Panther via flowerz

Best cbd flower I’ve found… consistent in quality and effect.

on Pink Panther via flowerz

This is some very nice flower with a smooth taste and really phenomenal effects.

on Pink Panther via flowerz

Easily the best CBD flower I’ve tried so far. Other vendors claim they have a quality indoor flower, but it's garbage smalls or outdoor schwag from 2 years ago. This flower is legit, they help me so much. Thank you

on Mountain Mango via flowerz

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