The future of hemp: aquaponic agriculture

Our sustainable hemp is cultivated with natural sources that utilizes aquaponic agriculture, our cutting edge sustainable growing system. By growing aquaponically, we use around 95% less water, have zero run off and do not subject the environment to any other negative implications, which greatly differs from traditional hemp farms.

The basics

Aquaponics is a hybrid of aquaculture and hydroponics, which allows us to grow hemp and Tilapia simultaneously. Right now we are raising 400 male Nile Tilapia, which are expected to grow up to 15+ pounds per fish. No hormones will ever be introduced to the fish tanks. Our fish population is kept low compared to more dense packing fisheries in order to reduce bacteria and potential fish health issues.

Our aquaponics system is in a completely controlled environment and sits off the ground, naturally keeping pests to a minimum. We never introduce any pesticides or any other harmful chemicals to the system. We have applied for and have pending an application for USDA Organic certification.

The benefits

Aquaponic agriculture has several benefits including:

  • Environmentally responsible
  • 100% natural
  • No heavy metals
  • No pesticides
  • High purity CBD and CBG every time

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