Committed to quality

After selectively sourcing the best feminized seeds, they are germinated and put into a coco, peat, compost, perlite, and pumice mixture.

Plants are then top dressed OMRI fertilizers certified as organic and watered with the nutrient dense aquaponic water. Plants receive an aloe vera misting and PH control for pests.

Pesticides are never utilized in any of our processes. Our plants are flushed for seven days to ensure removal of any and all heavy metals. We are proud to provide pesticide and heavy metal test results, unlike many of our competitors.

After the full cycle, the plants are hand picked, trimmed and hung to be slow dried. Before shipment, the plant is also cured.

The curing process consists of sealing the plant in containers and “burped” once daily to release any moisture and gas, which removes the earthy taste and brings out more rich flavors.

Our hemp is independently tested throughout the process. One of the labs we have access to is Trichome Analytical, which is a DEA registered and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited third party cannabis testing laboratory that adheres to state and federal USDA regulated testing. We continuously test to ensure compliant percentages. We stand out from those in the industry, as we proudly provide the test results for pesticides and heavy metals.*

The CCG Standard

  • No heavy metals
  • No pesticides
  • High purity CBD and CBG
  • Compliant THC levels
  • Environmentally responsible

To view our certificates of analysis, head to our Hemp section.

*Our application for USDA Certified Organic is pending