Our promise

The CCG Process

We grow the responsible way

Crown City Green has an unwavering commitment to quality that does not impact our dedication to sustainability. CCG is committed to providing sustainable seed to sale hemp. Our indoor cultivation process challenges industry norms by eliminating contaminated soil, wastewater, and many other environmental implications of commercial-scale hemp cultivation. In fact, our operation uses around 95% less water compared to traditional hemp farming methods.


After a selective and thorough sourcing process, the best feminized seeds are germinated and put into a coco, peat, compost, perlite, and pumice mixture.


Plants are top dressed with OMRI certified organic fertilizers and watered with nutrient dense water. Plants receive an aloe vera misting and PH control for pests.


After the full growing cycle, the plants are hand picked, trimmed, and hung to be slow dried. Before shipment, the flower is also cured.

The CCG Standard

The green you buy from us is pure. Pesticides are never used in any of our processes. Our plants are flushed for seven days to ensure removal of any and all heavy metals. CCG hemp is independently tested throughout the cultivation process to ensure compliant THC percentages. One of the labs we utilize is Trichome Analytical, a DEA registered and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited third party cannabis testing laboratory that adheres to state and federal USDA regulated testing. We stand out from others in the industry, as we proudly provide the test results for pesticides and heavy metals.